Commit 2db151f0 authored by Julia Wagemann's avatar Julia Wagemann
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LTPy v0.7 release

parent 5cf71dac
......@@ -12117,7 +12117,7 @@
"category": "case_study",
"application": "fire",
"satellite": ["Metop-AB"],
"sensor": ["IASI", GOME-2],
"sensor": ["IASI", "GOME-2"],
"variable": ["absorbing_aerosol_height", "absorbing_aerosol_index", "atmosphere_mole_content_of_carbon_monoxide"],
"level": ["L2", "L3"]
......@@ -14767,7 +14767,7 @@
"category": "case_study",
"application": "fire",
"satellite": ["Sentinel-3", "Sentinel-5P", "Metop-ABC"],
"sensor": ["OLCI", "TROPOMI", "IASI", GOME-2],
"sensor": ["OLCI", "TROPOMI", "IASI", "GOME-2"],
"variable": ["fire_radiative_power", "ultraviolet_aerosol_index", "radiance", "atmosphere_mole_content_of_carbon_monoxide", "fire_weather_index"],
"level": ["L1", "L2"],
"data": ["CAMS global reanalysis (EAC4)", "CAMS Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS)", "CEMS Global ECMWF Fire Forecasts (GEFF)"],
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