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......@@ -4124,11 +4124,11 @@
"author": "Julia Wagemann",
"title": "Explore AC SAF Metop-A/B GOME-2 - Tropospheric Nitrogen Dioxide L3",
"description": "This notebook introduces you to monthly aggregated gridded (Level 3) AC SAF Metop-A/B GOME-2 data. The notebook showcases the visualisation of tropospheric Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).",
"image": "./img/213_img.png",
"image": "../img/213_img.png",
"github": "",
"link": "",
"tags": {
"domain": "atmosphere",
"domain": "Atmosphere",
"service": "AC SAF",
"platform": ["Metop-A", "Metop-B"],
"sensor": "GOME-2",
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