Data Tailor 2.15.0


  • Experimental support added for ASCAT Level 1 SZF, SZO, SZR Climate Data Record Release 2 - Metop products
  • Support for MSGCLTH (EO:EUM:DAT:MSG:CTH) product added
  • Specified limitations in support of GRAS, MTP15 products


  • Updated TLS to non-deprecated versions
  • Improved GUI representation of long lists of items


  • WebUI of desktop installation for Windows OS is now working correctly
  • Data Tailor installation on Windows OS is now working properly
  • Quicklook option now does not make the HRV processing fail
  • Fixed the download of job outputs composed of a big number of files
  • Customisations producing fixed output filenames return now consistent results
  • Ensure requests in queue do not stay on inactive status
  • GDAL commands are now correctly displayed in the customisation log-file
  • Correct geolocalisation of MSG2-RSS data when native format is geographically re-projected to NetCDF output