Highlights (see the changelog for the full change record):


  • Add HRSEVIRI archive product type (#730)
  • Test and document customisation timeout functionality (#666, #674)
  • Allow manual deployment to EUMETSAT conda channel and use it in installs (#558)


  • Reformat creation of dask client (#732)
  • Improve api.ensure_config to avoid rereading configuration when API function calls internally another function (#729)
  • Updated launching scheduler service with Data Tailor plugin (#677)
  • Moved support functions from api.py to a new dedicated python module (#664)
  • Long-queued customisations fail when token expires (#549)
  • Split epct_restapi/init.py in separate python files to improve code readability and efficiency (#467)


  • Timeout scheduler leaking memory (#731)
  • Xrit DT plugin missing output files (#726)
  • Add test data fom rect2lpToOpenMTP plugin (#723)
  • Fixed and improved tests for manual killing process (#675)
  • Clean scheduler plugin swap variables (#672)
  • report_quota path fix (#636)
  • ELK stack fixes and testing (#635)
  • Fix bug as some IASISND02 products generated an error during the processing (#616)
  • Improved validity check fixing error arising when basket config address used as input product path (#456)