Data Tailor 3.0.0


  • Support processing GRAS data reprocessed via EPSar tool integration
  • Enabled support for converting NetCDF4 (Data Centre) to HRSEVIRI L1.5 Image Data HRV channel
  • Added ROI-extraction feature for EPS-native to EPS-native customisations
  • Show download progress in Web GUI
  • Added content-length header in file download requests lowering memory consumption on downloads


  • Migrated to Python 3.9
  • Aligned EPS product IDs with new Data Store nomenclature
  • Upgraded GDAL version to 3.3.1


  • Fixed installation process issue caused epct-plugin-gis building issue due to new distribution of python-eccodes package
  • Download via GUI with desktop installation
  • Fix deletion of customisations with output products saved directly into the user output folder
  • Customization correctly produces NetCDF4 products from HRSEVIRI HRV when HRV is empty due to darkness
  • Appropriate error message returned for IASISND02 older than 10-2014 to netcdf4_satellite conversions