Highlights (see the changelog for the full change record):


  • Add UMARF plugins to installer constructor and pipelines (#823)
  • Provided descriptions for OpenAPI specs definitions (#808)
  • Deploy native to HRIT conda package to EUMETSAT conda repository (#803)
  • Added capability to register Custom Plugins with pluggable configuration, products and formats (#802)
  • Added support for multiple products and formats, for integration EUMETSAT Prototype Satellite Data Cube plugin (#796)
  • Introduced mechanism signaling any ongoing or planned maintenance issues to GUI users (#771)
  • HRV to netCDF conversion: Providing calibration data (#442)


  • Adapt DTWS dockerfile to execute commands as user (#853)
  • Temporarily remove support for MTG IRS L1 as format is being updated (#840)
  • Removing also the processing-dir (if any) when a customisation is deleted by user or administrator (#837)
  • Optimised loading of status pane in GUI (#751)
  • Projection and ROI enhancements from GUI (#597)
  • Show feedback for uploading shapefile from GUI (#596)
  • Input products downloaded from the Data Store are now automatically removed as the customisation ends (#775)


  • Removed check_olda_cache option as Data Store input products are now downloaded in temporary processing_dir (#775)


  • Ensure netcdf-satellite output files can correctly be downloaded from GUI via DTWS (#865)
  • Fix 50-x service pages configuration (#854)
  • Conversion of full-orbit AVHRRL1 to EPS-native fixed in DTWS as ROI tab now enabled with roi_by_time (#832)
  • Sanitise inputs casting ROI boundary values to float before saving them in processing_info dictionary (#798)
  • Native HRV to HRIT now works correctly (#794)
  • Native to netCDF did not preserve metadata correctly (#793)
  • Ensure previously active fair queuing user cap mechanism is not applied anymore when turned off (#782)
  • HRSEVIRI 1.5 data - ToolsUI, Panoply, & IDV could not find coordinates after converting to netCDF (#759)
  • Sanitised configuration reading so that temporary configuration files are not copied to user configuration (#748)
  • Fix handling of empty uuids set within Delete customisation requests (#727)
  • Avoid truncated information in GUI Log Pane (#709)
  • Bug fix: ASCATL1SZ0 and ASCAL1SZR longitude coordinates converted to +/-180 degrees to be read by GDAL (#587)
  • ROI by sensing time not available if feature does not contain roi_by_time (#560)