Highlights (see the changelog for the full change record):


  • Added the possibility to specify the path to general configuration folder via environmental variable (#606)
  • Added nginx caching of JS, CSS to DTWS (#571)
  • Enforced a configurable customisation time-out (#545)
  • Allowing users to housekeep their space (#544)
  • Installation without internet on Linux (#540)
  • DTWS: enforced a configurable timeout on long-running jobs (#465)
  • DTWS: implemented the ability to monitor and control working nodes (#431)


  • Preventing re-projecting geostationary products to geostationary projections (#688)
  • Active user detection (#655)
  • Deleting a process not working if generic username used in deployment style desktop (#641)
  • Reliable kill processes in DTWS (#639)


  • Making the dask dashboard of the DTWS accessible and informative (#659)
  • Restructured DTWS fair queuing logic and handling of exceptions (#632, #633)
  • Webapp GUI changes for admin user to manage customisations (#600)